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On February 21, 1941, when Mr. Guido Buscaroli decided with some of his closest friends to found DISA, the Second World War had already broken out. In fact, after just several months of operation, all plants and machinery had to be moved outside of Milan, to the small town of Magenta, due to the Allied bombers’ dangerous raids.

DISA’s primary production of O.E.M. diesel fuel injection systems continued and grew during the post-war period, even though facing the growing competition of the newly integrated E.E.C. countries. It was in those years that DISA decided to diversify its production toward the replacement parts specifically suitable for U.S. made fuel injection systems (Detroit Diesel, E.M.D., Caterpillar and Cummins).

Furthermore, always seeking more profitable niches left by the huge worldwide manufacturers, DISA planned to enter the sophisticated hydraulic transmissions and distributors for special applications markets.

All this is a piece of DISA’s history.

80 anni gruppo [quadrata]

DISA, now a well-equipped company with around 150 employees, boasts the most advanced production machineries, quality control and inspection instruments on its facilities of more than 15,000 sqm.

Thanks to our R&D department, we are in the position to design, engineer, manufacture and remanufacture a broad variety of products, tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

DISA products are directly distributed throughout 50 countries and we are present in many more countries through indirect distribution.

Throughout its life, DISA has had the privilege of serving some of Italian and American most important manufacturers of diesel engines, trucks, agricultural tractors and off-road vehicles.

Most of these relationships continue today. In fact, here at DISA we are still sharing business, hopes and dreams, and we continue to face the challenges that the modern world puts in front of us everyday.

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